Our Facilities

Kurayoshi Winery

Kurayoshi Winery is a winemaking facility housed in a renovated former merchant's residence, where one can feel the retro influences and charm of this area that has been designated a National Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. By the very appearance of this merchant house, originally used from the Meiji Era as a Japanese sake brewery, visitors can experience a space steeped with history.

Main Floor Wine Shoppe

In our wine shop, we offer tastings of wines created in the winery and you can choose your favorite bottle. We also offer wine glasses and stylish, useful wine accessories.

Upstairs Wine Bar

On the second floor of the winery, we have created a “wine bar,” where visitors can enjoy a glass of our wines along with local cuisine, all while viewing the winemaking activities below. Please enjoy a few elegant moments in this antique, retro space.

IWC (Imamura Wine & Company) Support Club

We are currently searching for Members that are willing to support the grape cultivation and winemaking activities of Kurayoshi Winery.Membership provides numerous special benefits!

<Membership Benefits>

(1)Members receive a 5% discount on all purchases in the Winery Shoppe and Wine Bar.

(2)Priority purchase rights for all new-release wines (limited to 12 bottles per release).

(3) Invitations to special events, including new wine tastings, harvest festivals, and club social gatherings.
Up to 2 people per membership.

(4)Participation in cultivation experience training (As available)

(5)Participation in winemaking activities (limited to grape crushing)

(6)Special offerings of wine classes and seminars.


 As a member lf the IWC Support Club, Members who have invested will be able to experience the process of cultivating grapes and making wines together with our Company throughout the year. The chance to go into the vineyard and actually touch the vine of the grape, to help with the harvest and experience the growth process enables Members to know wine more fully, and is a very enjoyable way to gain experience and knowledge relating to the winemaking process. In addition, the attachment one feels to wine that is born from these joint efforts leads to an almost unlimited feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment.


Imamura Wine & Company


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Vineyard Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Hokuei-cho Ekita 3130 Japan
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