About Kurayoshi Winery


With the thought of "Striving for the ultimate Japanese wine made from local Tottori grapes," we've been cultivating the best possible grapes on the sand dunes of central Tottori prefecture. In the meantime, with the support and cooperation of many people, in December 2017, Kurayoshi City, Hokuei Town, and Yurihama Town were certified together as a special winemaking zone. Thereafter, in July 2018, we incorporated Imamura Wine & Company, established “Kurayoshi Winery” in Nishinaka-cho, Kurayoshi City, and began making our wines.

At our winery, we currently manufacture “Japanese wine” made from grapes grown on our small, 1.5 hectare vineyard. However, so that more people can enjoy our Tottori-made wine in the future, further expansion of the vineyard and the cultivation additional grapes, as well as the partnership of motivated growers and winemakers, is currently underway.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and patronage as we continue to grow and develop our operations.


Imamura Wine and Company Incorporated

Kenji Imamura, Chief Executive Officer

The History of Kurayoshi

Kurayoshi prospered as an old castle town, and its history, mingled with culture and art, and interwoven with an abundance of charming townscape scenes, has been handed down to us today.

Nishinaka-cho, home of Kurayoshi Winery, is located in the center of the old city, with the white-walled storehouses and buildings formerly used by merchants, brewers and soy sauce shops. It has been designated as a National Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

About our "Company" (Our "Nakama")

Every step of the winemaking process here at Kurayoshi Winery is done by our "Company" ("Nakama" or "comrades" or "close friends"). The "nakama" consist of Shogo Maeta, who escaped his white-collar life to take over a fine grape vineyard from his mother; Satoru Sugimoto, who came back here from a career in Tokyo because of his interest in winemaking; Yusuke-san, a farmer and grape-grower using organic farming methods; Sho Uehara, third-generation operator of his grandfather's grape farm; and Chris VanCampen, who transplanted to Kurayoshi from Utah, U.S.A., to start growing his own grapes. We are all unified in our desire to grow the best grapes and create the finest wines. We are "Company."


Imamura Wine & Company


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